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Hello there my brother and sister.

Do you need accomodation for:

1. Student residence ?

2. Office space ?

3. Family / Bachelor aparment ?

Look no further than the Sudu's.

Overburdened by bitterly priced burial society premium(s)?

We have more than eight (8) burial society subscription packages to select from.

Our product package premiums are from as little as R30 per month.

Be smart and get covered.

Are you in the mist of planning an upcoming event for you, a family member or a friend?

We cater for your event needs ranging from a variety of tents, mobile VIP abulutions, chairs, decoration, food catering and all preliminary accessories to do with your event. And more


Need a replacement key for your home / work door lock ? And for your wardrobe at home - you my brother and sister?

We have a variety of the home standard door lock keys and wardrobe replacement keys.


Hello there again, and again, it is me again.

We make vehicle registration plates in store while you wait.

Come and get it done for by our passionate fitment team members.








COVID-19 Alert !

Wash hands with soap.

Sanitise your hands and wear your face mask.




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